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Cisco MPLS Solution

Cisco Network Design | MPLS

A recent project now completed, implement an MPLS solution for a multi-site organisation to replace their outdated point-to-point connections over the WAN.

The customer needs to store and share sensitive data across multiple locations around the UK.  Initially we needed to establish how this data was secured and what part of it needed to be accessible from other branch office locations.   The current setup involves a number of point-to-point VPN and/or leased line connections between each location which has now become quite convoluted and non-redundant.

Our solution has been to design and implement an MPLS network based on Cisco Routers, Switches and Firewall.

This network will provide a cost effective meshed configuration between all sites ensuring the customer is confident that data is being shared reliably and securely, with redundancy also factored in.

The network design also includes a private cloud for the customer, with an internet break-out protected by a further firewall, all of which has come in under budget whilst still using the latest technologies available.