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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing | Security Audit

Penetration testing (or Security Audit) is essential to give you that peace of mind. Our pentest is performed by certified technicians, using industry leading techniques, to evaluate the security of your network by simulating a malicious attack. The process involves an active analysis of your system for any weaknesses, technical flaws or vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing can be conducted against a single machine, or a whole company network. At its simplest form a penetration test is the process of actively evaluating your information security measures.

Penetration testing is suitable for any organisation that uses integrated technology in mission critical processes.

Commonly tested areas are:

  • Off-the-shelf products (operating systems, applications, databases, networking equipment etc.)
  • Bespoke development (dynamic web sites, in-house applications etc.)
  • Telephony (war-dialling, remote access etc.)
  • Wireless (WIFI, bluetooth, IR, GSM, war driving etc.)
  • Personnel (screening process, social engineering etc.)
  • Physical (access controls, dumpster diving etc.)

While a great deal of technical effort is applied during the testing and analysis, the real value of a penetration test is in the report and debriefing that you receive at the end. On completion of our tests we will initially debrief management and technical personnel, then submit a report detailing all of the threats we have found and how you can implement corrective maintenance.

Security Technologies | Risk Assessment

We always start by determining the amount of risk your organisation is willing to assume and what corresponding measures are necessary to achieve the security and availability levels needed to stay within those risk parameters.

Supplemental measures can also be taken, that enable organisations to meet specialised conditions such as a mission-critical necessity to maintain business continuity at all times, protect high-value information, or the need to ensure ongoing operational revenue generation in heightened risk environments.

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