Outsourced IT Support Services in Scotland

Small Business IT Support

Small Business IT Support Services in Scotland

We provide uniquely flexible Small Business IT Support Services for companies who are looking for fast response and cost-efficiency.

We can provide Small Businesses with a wide range of IT Support Services, including Wireless and Wired LAN installation and maintenance, fully managed Server/Cloud Systems, Computer Support, Off-site Backups with Remote Assistance and On-site Support visits.

Helping Small Businesses to grow

Based centrally in Fife, we can advise and implement IT Systems that help small and medium-sized businesses to grow. Using our customer management applications and support methods, we can provide a wide range of network services from simple Workgroups, Microsoft Domains, Microsoft 365 or Open Source Systems utilising Linux Operating Systems.

We have a proven track record of saving costs, by analysing and consolidating your IT Support with your Internet Connection and Website Hosting charges, we have already saved a number of small businesses up to 50 percent on their Information Technology outgoings.

Highly Committed | Specialist Services for the Small Business

We are very highly committed to all of our projects and services, we are specialists in Microsoft, Unix and Cisco technologies, allowing small businesses to take advantage of enterprise level support.

You get peace-of-mind from knowing that we are constantly monitoring your small business networks for any issues, for example we will check:

  • Your Internet Connection is reliable
  • The latest Microsoft updates and Service Packs have been installed
  • Data is backed up
  • Security (e.g. intrusion detection, anti-virus and anti-spyware) is up-to-date
  • Database Management Systems are working
  • E-mail and Cloud Based Systems are operational
  • Sufficient free disk space is still available
  • Wireless and Wired Networks are secured


We are based in Scotland and can operate anywhere in the UK, for example some of our more recent projects have enabled us to provide IT Support in the following areas:

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