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Cyber Security Incident Response

Company Support | Cyber Security Assistance

A company called for assistance after realising they were suffering a Cyber Security breach.

We quickly initiated our Cyber Security Incident Response Team which consisted our of own IT security staff and external partners with particular skills to assist.

The breach was severe enough that the company effectively stopped functioning until the incident could be dealt with. Fortunately it did not take us long to determine the attack vectors and shut them down, bringing back normal operations to the business.

Additionally support was provided to debrief third parties and a full Cyber Security Training Program has been delivered to all company employees.

Further work is required to audit the company IT systems (on-premise and cloud) and build a plan to create a robust and secure infrastructure, using best practice methods in accordance with the relevant venders Cyber Security Framework.

If you are interested in Cyber Security Auditing or indeed suspect you are suffering from a Cyber Attack contact us for assistance >>