Outsourced IT Support Services in Scotland

Enterprise IT Support

Managed IT Services | Enterprise Business

We can provide comprehensive managed services and applications that incorporate user support, network administration, virtualisation and consultation for Corporate and Enterprise Business.

Multi-tiered approach to Corporate IT Support

Our multi-tiered approach to Corporate IT Support and managed services encompasses day-to-day IT support infrastructure, management and IT consultancy, budgeting and planning.

By the time a problem with your IT system has occurred, it’s often too late, which is why we provide a 24/7 monitoring service. We also measure performance on your business critical servers 24 hours-a-day, any problems, or potential problems, are reported directly to our engineers for quick rectification.

For example we will ensure:

  • Your Directory Services are replicating (including Active Directory and E-Directory)
  • Your Domain Naming Service Infrastructure and Zones are correct
  • Critical Services (Exchange, SQL Server, IIS for example) are all operating correctly
  • The latest updates and service packs have been installed
  • Multi-site WAN connections are all working
  • Your Data is backed up
  • Your Security (e.g. intrusion detection, anti-virus and anti-spyware) is up-to-date
  • Your Firewalls are correctly configured and monitored
  • Your Access Lists are also correctly configured and monitored
  • Remote Access, VPNs and Radius is tied down

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