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Migration to Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services | AWS and Microsoft 365

An existing customer recently migrated all of their server infrastructure into Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Office 365 (M365).

Working with our other partners we formulated a migration plan.  This initially involved moving all of their on-site Exchange mailboxes into M365 (using AD Sync to replicate domain and user account information), virtualising remaining on-premise server infrastructure and migrating everything, including domain controllers, into AWS.

The company had to use a mixture of M365 and AWS due to the nature of the business.  They host many servers which provide web applications to various customers.  The combined AWS and M365 infrastructure however is performing perfectly well and we continue to provide the necessary support to keep things running smoothly.

AWS has many benefits with millions of active customers and quite possibly every imaginable vertical business segment is using AWS in a meaningful way.   If AWS is something you are considering, or would like to know more, then simply contact us and we will be happy to discuss further.