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Site CCTV IP Camera Project

CCTV IP Camera

CCTV IP Camera Network Design | Project Update

Almost done!  However it has taken slightly longer to get this CCTV IP Camera project finished.  The site is large and so the physical infrastructure has been the more complicated aspect of getting things up and running. The enterprise Server hardware and CCTV IP software is working together perfectly.  Security staff now have multiple Workstations running Milestone VMS, all interconnected via fast Fibre Optic cabling back to the on-site Data Centre which houses the Server Infrastruture, Storage Arrays etc.. for recording. There are many cameras now operational around the site, most cameras are working from Cisco Catalyst POE Switches located within individual buildings and each building is interconnected with Fibre.

The image quality is exceptionally good, better than we first imagined.  The night mode function on particular cameras is very clear, even pitch black the camera still picks out colour in HD quality.

We are also into a training phase, we have learned the Milestone software (with the help of Milestone of course) and have been passing this on to security staff.

This has been a unique installation but we are looking towards extending the CCTV IP service as some of our existing customers are expressing interest, if the installation of CCTV IP Cameras is something you are considering then of course get in touch and we will be happy to talk to you.